HSE supports Men’s Health Week 2014

Men’s Health Week (MHW) runs this year from June 9 until June 15, supported by the HSE and a wide range of organisations nationwide.  The aim of Men’s Health Week is to encourage men in Ireland to be aware of their own health and wellbeing, and to take action to take care of it.

Finian Murray, Men’s Health Development Officer with the HSE, said: ‘Men on the island of Ireland experience more ill-health than women, and have lower life-expectancy – male life expectancy (LE) is 75.1 years, approximately 5 years younger than that of females and, for certain groups of men who experience greater social deprivation, it is likely to be younger still.’

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Encouraging people to be more active should be just that, increasing activity levels. It is not all about doing an exercise session a couple of times a week its about finding ways to be less inactive throughout the day. Stand up while you are on the phone, take a little break every hour to get a glass of water, climb the stairs etc. Do whatever you can to break up your periods of inactivity.

We are now offering a couch to 5km team competition for you and your employees to become more active. Its not about who runs the fastest but about who puts in the most effort. A team of walkers could beat a team of runners if they put in the effort. Everyone will learn more about themselves, try new things and make a few changes that will become long term healthy habits.

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With so many cooking shows on TV these days how do you know if any of them are any good or are they just a waste of time? Some shows look incredible and the food they produce looks amazing but have you ever tried to replicate what you have just seen on TV and found that it isn’t as easy as the professional chef has made it look.

I have been thinking about this for the last year and it is now time to do a bit of market research. If you were to watch a video online or a live stream through something like Google hangouts that took you through the steps and allowed you to cook along with it would it be something you would do. Cooking in real time, no more “here is one I made earlier”. Easy quick recipes made while you make it yourself.

Let us know through twitter, facebook or email if you would be interested in watching.