Our HWF team run a comprehensive set of fitness programs to support staff and improve your health promotion initiatives. We also offer onsite physical activity classes for employees and onsite gym management. We live in an ever increasing sedentary lifestyle where office hours consisting of an average of 7 hours sitting at a desk.


Sedentary lifestyles have resulted in the rise of non communicable disease such as high blood pressure, obesity, cancer and diabetes. Our goal is ensure employees maintain the necessary physical activity to reduce the rise of non communicable diseases and assist employee and corporate wellbeing.

Exercises Classes
Couch to 5k
HWF Challenge
Technique Training
Sports & Social Club Assist
Spin Classes
Strength and conditioning
Pilate classes
Yoga classes
Kettle bell classes
Marathon Training
Online Exercise Classes
Boxing Classes
Fitbit Assist & Data
Gait Analysis
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