Founded in 2009 HWF has one vision to reduce the increased risk of sedentary lifestyles. Many health-related issues can be curtailed by leading a healthy life and reducing the dependence on the Irish health service.


Our HWF team are highly qualified health professionals, their credentials, experience and professionalism make HWF a leading corporate health provider. Our HWF team range from Nurses, Physiotherapists, Sports Scientists, and Nutritionists. Their academic, professional experience in the health sector and professional sports backgrounds offers companies access to a team with a significant health insight and team engagement to improve corporate health.  


The corporate sector has a significant role to play in educating and promoting a healthier way of life in an ever-increasing sedentary workforce.

Leading Irish corporate health provider offering employees advice on physical activity, wellbeing, nutrition & physical therapy


Average Annual 
Costs per Employee

58 %

Millennials prefer better work life balance to high salaries

1.6 billion

Physical Inactivity Costs Irish Tax Payer


Rate in Ireland due to NCD's 



The rise in sedentary lifestyles has put a significant strain on our health resulting in the rise of non communicable diseases known as NCD's these include diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and heart problems.


Our health should always be to the fore front of our priorities. With our hectic life schedules we can often put ourselves last on the priority list. HWF works to promote, educate and cater for a healthier lifestyle.   A simple health screen at work can often be life changing or knowledge of nutritional needs or allergens.





Fitness Instructors


Health Consultants




Health Data Analysts 

Sport Scientists

Massage Therapists


Childcare Specialists 

Wellbeing Specialists



Employee engagement is about positive attitudes and behaviours leading to improved business outcomes, in a way that they trigger and reinforce one another. Employee engagement is about employees feeling pride and loyalty working for their organisation, being a great advocate of their organisation to clients, users and customers. 


Employee engagement is where fewer leave, sick absence reduces, accident rates decline, conflicts and grievances go down, productivity increases. To create this engagement, we work with your business from start to finish to build employee health programs that enable a positive, engaged and healthy working environment.

Many studies have shown the influence physical activity and exercise have on your mental wellbeing and its use as a potential therapy for clinical or subclinical depression or anxiety.






The rise in technological advancements has enabled increased communication and in turn intensification of workloads. Ensuring employees have both support and tools to ensure lifestyle, health and wellbeing are supported enable employees to be focused and cultivates strong supportive working environments.


Tech companies have noticed the niche in supporting a work-life balance for employees for several years now. HWF enables all companies to offer engaging and lifestyle support for employees.  More flexible lifestyle support ensures a healthier productive workforce, company competitiveness and recruiting benefits.





Employees  Supported in Ireland

14,000 kg

 Obesity Reduction

48,705 km

January 2017 to date we have moved with our clients

Brian Hanney

Senior Executive

"The Healthy Workforce Challenge has been marvellous for this Division and even if it just made a lifestyle difference to one person then it would have been worth it. I think the City Council should embrace the Healthy Workforce Challenge and it should be an annual event going forward. It also brought staff closer together."

Anne Hogan

HR Director

"In 2013 BDO engaged Healthy Workforce to run a 6 week Healthy Lifestyle program for staff.  The program which is based on a series of lunchtime seminars was very popular and engaging for our people. Practical examples inspired staff to make small lifestyle changes which had a big impact on their personal health and fitness. We are delighted to continue our work with Healthy Workforce in 2014 on a new program ‘Couch to 5k’."

Stephen Guildea

Senior Manger

"During this program I lost over 20kgs, dropped from a size 40” to 34”. I had more energy and better  life style & since it has finished, I’m down to 32”. For this to work, you have to be honest with yourself & make the changes. These changes must be to something you like & if you try something during the program, and don’t enjoy it, try it again later in the program. I tried the Gym early in the program & hated it. I tried it again at the end & now love it."