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Climate Change


HWF is all about sustainable health strategies for companies. This includes our environment. We offer your company and workforce the tools to reduce your carbon footprint. Our talks are run by leading environmentalists in partnership with HWF.

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We educate on the history of climate change and give an understanding of how your input to the environment has an impact. It is important we are aware of the current and future prospects of our environment. It is important we take action now.


Target Temperature

Limit Global Warming

1.5 °C

EU Energy Efficiency Target


European Green Deal 


National GHG Reduction Target

30% | 2030

Urban Cycler

Carbon Foot Print

We discuss helpful footprint reduction and highlight overall workforce footprint.

Vertical Garden

Optimising Office Gardens

 Planning and cultivating the best office gardens. Grow you own vegetables & plants.

Rustic Beach Path

Water Conservation

We go through solutions to optimise conservation & educate on environmental changes in day to day living that can make an impact.

Hiking Trail

Waste & Recycling

We go through best techniques to reduce waste and create targets.

office space

Reduce Emissions

Simple reduction in emissions tips & eduction on emissions.

Wheat Field

Food & Climate

We educate on the importance of food & climate. The type of food choices & tips that help the environment.

Trees From Above

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Book a climate change talk for your workforce and we will be in contact with you to tailor an offering or package. 

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