Guilt Free Christmas


Tis the season for excess so when you do eat and drink to excess don't be surprised as deep down the guilt has been warning you all along. I want to give you ONE big idea that may actually surprise you. I want you to avoid the Christmas guilt but more accurately avoid using the guilt as your motivator for the new you come 2018.


It happens every year, people need to lose the weight they "put on over Christmas". Sure you probably will put on a few pounds but it wont have all go on over Christmas. Come January guilt steps in, gym memberships are bought and you make promises that you are going to be a lean mean fighting machine in three weeks time, two if you have really work at it.


Here is my one big tip for Christmas and for every day thereafter. By conscious of what you are doing, eating and drinking. That's it, that is all there is to it. Simply lead a conscious lifestyle. Eat whatever you like just be aware and enjoy it. Drink whatever you like just be aware and enjoy it. Sit and watch TV or play computer games just be aware of how long you do it for and make sure its something you enjoy and not simply passing time.


If you are conscious you will probably have one less mince pie with cream (360 calories), have one less drink (200 calories) and watch one less film or tv program (go for a 30 minute walk instead, 200 calories). Being this conscious 5 times over Christmas equates to about 1 lb of fat either not consumed or burned off while walking. Given the average weight gain is 5lbs you can see that being a little more conscious can have big impact without restricting yourself.


The festive period is about enjoying yourself and having fun. Guilt comes from not being conscious of your actions or just mindless consumption. Being conscious will prevent you feeling guilty and prevent you from gaining as much weight over the festive period without feeling like you had to restrict yourself in your choices.


Happy Christmas and a guilt free New Year.


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