Workplace Wellbeing 2018

Ireland has come a significant way in promoting health in the workplace, the changes are a positive welcome with industries realising that focusing on product or turnover of staff will no longer suffice in the world of business. Investment needs to be made in employee health. Ireland's National Workplace Wellbeing Day takes place on 13 April, next.


With only a short time to go, you can still organise activities and promote wellbeing in the workplace. In recent years companies have seen the benefits of implementing workplace health initiatives, benefits have included improved workplace relations, positive environments increased production and in some instances the saving of a fellow colleagues life, by identifying an underlining condition through doctor and nurse screenings. 


With the growth of the Silicon Valley firms in Ireland, many spoke of the health care and benefits their employees had access to, including wellbeing services. An increase in engagement and innovative ideas are cultivated as a direct impact of workplace health and wellbeing implementaions.  For every 1% investment in health, companies have seen a corresponding increase in productivity and output. On average for every 1 euro, management have invested in their employees’ health, a 4-6 euro return on productivity was achieved. The mentality that monetary remuneration alone is enough to render the commitment of an employee throughout their employment has changed.  A more sustainable approach for both company and employee retention is to focus on the people and not just the product or service.


The benefits of employee wellness stretch, far beyond the boardroom decision to implement a health initiative, and into the wider community. An internal health and wellbeing program impacts family and friends of employees, it creates a new-found appreciation of an activity, it helps support family ties and creates a healthier society equipped with up to date health knowledge and wellbeing tools. 


While employee turnover is an inevitable part of the business, a business cannot sustain a continuous high turnover of employees. By ensuring there is an impactful health and wellbeing service, employees are more likely to stay at their company. The cost of hiring and retraining new personnel is upwards of 30% of the employee's annual salary.


The inability of the company’s bandwidth to stretch to a health promotion program in effect curtails company growth. There are many programs which can be implemented on a very modest budget and or no budget. A lunchtime walk, the promotion of the "Parkruns" at the weekend are small steps which have a big impact on a working environment and allow momentum to build.


Work-life balance is about encouraging sustainable work ethics, enabling employees to be work smart by acknowledging health triggers. It is about having the support when you are working hard, through the accessibility of a health or a wellbeing program, a nurse and doctor screening on-site. This in turn creates strong working environments and a supportive network which empowers an employee to achieve success.


Work is energy and for every over energised input, it is taking from another. Energy is a quantities property that must be transferred to an object in order to perform and it is a conserved quantity. The law of conservation of energy states that energy can be converted in form but cannot be created or destroyed. For every high-powered employee or entrepreneur who has worked unsustainably, energy is like a bank loan it calls in for its repayment, plus interest. This often happens later in life, heart issues and other non-communicable diseases or unhealthy family relationships. The path is to achieve success at a healthy and sustainable rate, with supportive working environments which produce resilient employees. A wellbeing program or health screen could, and has saved lives.


Companies and employees are different and therefore your health program should be tailored to your company and employee’s interests and needs. Health has many dimensions, there are many occupational and well-being initiatives to choose from;

  • Doctor and nurse health screens,  

  • Wellbeing, 

  • Food demos,

  • Physiotherapy, 

  • Health seminars,

  • Health online webinars,

  • Climate Change,

  • Childcare,

  • Health policy and consultations.

For more about our HWF services click here and to sign up to Ireland's National Workplace Wellbeing Day 2018 click here.

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