A New Recipe for Exercise


Exercise and physical activity is not a “one size fits all” pursuit. Just because one person likes something, doesn’t mean you have to. When we see recommendations for exercise, healthy eating and even sleep, we should take a moment to remember that these are recommendations are for the average person. In some cases, albeit they are rare, these won’t apply to you. There could be a chance that you may not need the average amount of sleep to function, maybe you need more than the recommended 7-9 hours or perhaps you are more than capable to function on less. Some people have incredibly high metabolisms and burn energy just looking at food, others may think about a piece of cake and feel like they have gained a few pounds. Now obviously I am using extremes to get my point across, but the bottom line is that sometimes what everyone else does, might not work for you. So, what do you do?


Find out what does work for you. Something that definitely applies when it comes to your exercise and physical activity. Sometimes, this means trying something that you’ve never tried before or mixing things up. A run for some may be heaven, whereas for others, it’s a form of torture. Exercise can be  incredibly rewarding if you sometimes think outside the box. Dancing is exercise, rock climbing is exercise, Nordic walking is exercise, pound fit (drumming but as an exercise class) is exercise.

Sometimes the unconventional way is the way that suits you. Perhaps you enjoy the conventional. That’s fine, maybe you could mix that up too, instead of ONLY running, try interval training or hill sprints. Throw in a body weight circuit into the middle of your run. When we get too used to something, we can become stagnant. Not only physically but also mentally. Running the same routes every single time can be tedious, doing the same exercise or exercise class can also have the same effect.

Think of exercise as a meal. If you eat the same thing every day week in, week out, chances are you are going to get bored of it. So, take this opportunity to try a new recipe, incorporate a new ingredient. Try something else on for size.

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