The fitness tracker market is a multi million euro industry designed to give you as much information about your life as possible. Its is up to you to use that information to make lifestyle changes and improve your numbers. 

"What you track you can improve" 


The tracker is like an alarm clock, its job is to remind you to do something, to be active, go to bed, drink more water etc,. You are still the one who has to do it. The extra benefit of the tracker is that it will tell you how you did.  


When we look at the lifestyle changes we want to make there are plenty of things we could do, so pick one and only one and make that change. The more you try to change the greater the risk is of not changing anything in the long term. 


The fun begins with a tracker when a few of your family or friends have one and you can make it competitive some healthy competition can make it all the difference. 



See the tracker as a tool to use not as a crutch or a personal trainer. Keep an eye on your averages over time rather than a day to day task. With your tracker you should be target 10,000 steps a day. Some facts to remember...


Typical resting heart rate range for an adult is 50-90 beats per minute (BPM), 


There are 2,000 steps in one mile,


One mile approx. eliminates 100 calories,


One pound equals 3500 calories,


Daily required target 10,000 steps.


Keep it up, Keep Moving!





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