Eat Wise, Move More




Stand up if you have heard this before. Stay standing if you believe it to be true. If you are still standing congratulations you have just burned more calories than you would have done if you sat back down.


There are plenty of people out there who will argue that weight loss is not that simple. They will state thermodynamics, genetics, hormones, macronutrients etc as reasons for people to gain weight or to struggle to lose it. It is much easier to point to "other" issues when losing weight is hard. Losing weight is hard, it takes a change in your lifestyle to achieve. Sometimes it is hard to change that lifestyle, to change your eating habits, to find the time to be active and to simply deal with life. However, and it is a very big however, it is not a change for the next few weeks in the run up to Christmas. There is nobody on earth who got into the shape they find themselves in overnight. It took time to achieve your current shape whether you like that shape or not. The solution: Eat Less Sugar, Move More.......and be honest.


If you want to eat sugar count calories and make sure you don't go over your daily limit. You will be hungry, you will be tired, you wont feel like being active and you wont sleep well. But its up to you.





The vast majority of people do not like counting calories and lets be honest to get it exactly right is difficult. So don't bother. Cut out sugar instead and eat fresh produce. Eating fresh produce makes overeating a serious challenge. Think of eating an apple, 52 calories per 100g or chocolate 546 per 100g. Take your average bar is 45g that's 245.7 calories or 30 seconds (depends on how hungry you are I suppose) now try eating 4.7 apples in 30 seconds.


The simple act of moving is good for you. How much you move is based on what you want to achieve. Finding the time to do it is going to be your first challenge. Find the time, stick to it and then you can start to look at the intensity of your work out.



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