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Why complete the survey

The rise in sedentary lifestyles has put a significant strain on our health resulting in the rise of non communicable diseases known as NCD's these include diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and heart problems. Our health should always be to the fore front of our priorities. Our hectic life schedules we can often put ourselves to last on the priority list. HWF works to promote, educate and cater for a healthier lifestyle. A healthy balance can often be hard to navigate but having the facilities at work ensures you are both alert to your health requirements and have the support you need. 

The Medtronic Wellness Survey 2018 gives you the opportunity to tell us a little bit about your health and what you would like to see happen in Wellness in 2018. We want to be able to provide the right services that you are interested in. The more people who complete the survey the more focused we can be on the needs of all of the employees. Please forward the link to this page to any of your colleagues so they can fill it out too. 

Medtronic Wellness Survey 2018

"Health and Wellbeing is extremely important to everyone at Medtronic. I encourage everyone to get involved in as many of our wellness initiatives as possible in 2018. They will encourage us all to adopt healthy habits around exercise, nutrition and to counter day to day stresses. We want you to enjoy coming in to work each day and to make sure that all of you work in a happy and healthy and supportive environment as possible."

Medtronic Survey