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Importance of fruit


Fruit is a good source of vitamins and minerals. People who eat fruit as part of their regular diet have a reduced risk of chronic diseases. Fruit contains an array of natural sugars. Fiber is vital for good digestive health. People of all ages should maintain fruit in our diets. Fruit within our diet is, as important for growing children as it is for men and women throughout adulthood. Folic Acid contained in fruit is important for expecting mothers. Eating a diet rich in fruit may reduce non communicable disease such as stroke, cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. As a nation we need to go back to basics with our food and buy local and fresh. When fruit is fresh and local the vitamin and mineral content is often higher. Once fruit is picked the mineral and vitamin content reduces. Therefore buying locally is important. One to two and a half cups of fruit is required each day. Fruit is great a great help for those working out, studying or looking to maintain good healthy skin.


Remember fruits are important source of;

1. fiber

2. minerals

3. vitamin C

4. folic acid

5. potassium